Flow Blog Series 02:

Auto Launched Flows

In the first blog, we showed you why Flow is the way to go! There are 5 flow implementation types you can choose from, but no stress! In this blog series you will find out which one you can use best in what scenario. Let’s dive into the world of Autolaunched Flows!

What is an Autolaunched Flow?

Autolaunched flows run automated tasks. Autolaunched flows can be invoked from process builder, from within an Apex class, from a set schedule, from record changes, or from platform events. Nowadays you have three types of autolaunched flows:

  1. Autolaunched flow with no flow trigger
  2. Autolaunched flow with a schedule trigger
  3. Autolaunched flow with a record trigger

Oldschool vs Newschool

The autolaunched flow with no flow trigger was the oldskool method where you couldn’t trigger it by the flow itself. For example, you needed a process builder to trigger the flow. Nowadays this type of flow is still available but with a record triggered flow you can achieve the same and it is seen as the renewed flow and the way to go! So now you can configure a trigger in the use Record-Triggered Flow without using a process builder!

TIP! We recommand you to use a record-triggered flow instead of the olschool autolaunched flow!

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