Your employees and their knowledge are the foundation for satisfied customers

A Salesforce team moves with questions from the market and innovations in technology. We help your team to always keep innovating.

A good team is created through customization

We start with the basics: what innovation knowledge does your organisation already have, and what knowledge can we supplement?


Content and goals

What knowledge do you need for your business goals?


Low hanging fruit

What knowledge is already available
in-house? Is there anything we can supplement?


Sustainable solutions

New knowledge or new people. Freelance, outsource or permanent employment.

With our network, all the knowledge you need is at your disposal

No situation is the same, that’s why we have a wide
network of specialists around us.

We have technicians for the latest releases, marketers for omnichannel vision, employees with a fresh view, and strategists with new ideas. That gives your organization knowledge in the form of temporary workers, new employees or inspiring workshops by the “Sales Force gurus”.

A transition requires a temporary, substantive addition.

Future-proofing teams through training and workshops.

A new course often requires a new employee.

2ManyDigits your strategic Salesforce partner since 2019

We want you to get the most
out of Salesforce

We are always working on the question “How do we make our customer’s customer happy?” Our team consists of certified Salesforce professionals and we focus on all fronts of CRM—

from marketing, to internal communication, to technical implementation.

Curious to know what
we can do for your organization?

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