Salesforce Health-Check

Independent overview of where you stand. Tools to grow your Salesforce concurrently with your company. For a Salesforce that is future-proof. Insight in 2-5 days.

A healthy Salesforce ORG fits the needs and ambitions of your company

According to 2ManyDigits, a healthy Salesforce ORG meets 5 conditions:

User-friendly interface for employees

This gives you the right information so that you can carry out the process quickly and efficiently.

The right tool, the right way.

that works for you, today and tomorrow

Technology designed in
such a way that the time-to-market will decrease.

Don’t fall behind on the latest developments of Salesforce releases.

that is open to innovation

When the right automation tools are used, making changes won’t take an unnecessarily long amount of time.

Architecture focused on your
company and ambitions

Your infrastructure is the right foundation on which to build. Will this set-up help you achieve your future goals, or halt your growth?

Insightful current data to help customers

The customer information is stored correctly.

The relevant 360 customer information is available, and connections with other systems are also properly implemented.

A base of five concepts

Several years of development by different people on the Salesforce ORG creates a break in continuity. Conditions will fail to be met if the changes go unnoticed. This can happen at the expense of the needs of the company.

Where changes could be made quickly in the past, they are now time-consuming or even malfunctioning. The new Salesforce releases are not applicable technically because the Salesforce environment is still behind. As a result, the Salesforce environment costs more for business operations than it yields. At this point, it’s time for a checkup!

Fundamental balance

The Salesforce Health Check is an investigation based on the five most important building blocks of Salesforce. It not only looks at the status of your Salesforce ORG, but also considers the company objectives, so you know what actions will be taken to grow your Salesforce ORG correctly.

We perform the Salesforce Health check on the basis of five concepts

We examine how healthy it is per subarea based on established conditions.

The whole is only as strong as the weakest building block

A Salesforce ORG works as a whole. The total is as strong as
the weakest part.

The health check provides insight in which areas to improve in
a structured and proven way. 
With the improvements,
the Salesforce implementation will work for you instead of
the other way around.

It’s time for a checkup!