Digital Customer Engagement

Why are companies using Salesforce? To connect and engage with their customers across all digital touchpoints, and to provide excellent and consistent omni-channel service.

Digital Customer Engagement is enabling your customers to experience your brand the way they want and move from one channel to another seamlessly.

What is Digital Customer Engagement?

Digital Customer Engagement is the set of tools and processes that you have in place to communicate with your customer digitally and to manage the experience that your customer has with your brand. Think of tools like SMS and WhatsApp messaging, Chat and Chatbot and processes like providing omni-channel support, self-service enablement through Knowledge Management and 24/7 assistance through smart AI powered bots.

Nowadays, most companies have already entered the era of digital transformation and are adopting digital service channels one way or another. Can you name 1 company that does not have a website and an e-mail channel to communicate with?

New tools for customer interaction arise rapidly but when implemented they are often isolated communication channels, like separate departments that do not communicate internally.

True Digital Wisdom, or what we call digital customer engagement like a boss can only be achieved if every customer interaction is managed from the same place by the same people and processes.

Key drivers:


Will add value to:

1. Customer satisfaction
2. Relief on workload


Will add value to:

1. Seamless customer experience
2. Faster case resolution


Will add value to:

1. Sales and service team alignment
2. First time right case handling

Digital Customer Engagement Maturity Model

Are you using Salesforce as your CRM tool and would you like to upgrade it to your customer engagement platform, then start by evaluating where you are using our maturity model.


> Digitally aware
> Website
> Webforms



> Multi-channel
> Chat
> Email
> Phone




> Customer 360
> Omni-channel
> 360 chat
> Online portal
> Smart forms
> Knowledge articles
> Embedded customer
> engagement score
> Social channels
> Messaging channels


Digital wisdom
> 360 chatbox
> AI powered service
> Online community
> Voice assistants (i.e. Siri/Alexa)
> Video messaging
> Marketing automation
> Personalized service
> Pro active service
> IoT

Maturity level

In your Customer Relationship Management, engagement is key and Salesforce your solution.