Flow Blog Series:

Flow: The Way To Go!

Are you also in a good flow because of the sunny weather? Great! Because we would like to show you the way to go with that Flow!

Why Flow is the way to go

Automation tools are one of the declarative tools in Salesforce that make it more powerful by automating the number of administrative tasks that sales representatives and their managers have to perform manually. There are multiple automation tools to automate business processes of companies: Workflow, Process Builder, Approvals and Flow Builder. The best automation tool depends on the type of business process that you’re automating. Each tool has it own unique features.

Here you can see an overview of the features that are supported in each of Salesforce automation tools. As you can see, Flow is the most comprehensive automation tool available from Salesforce.

TIP! It is recommended to focus on 1 automation tool in your organization rather than using multiple automation tools. Nowadays the “Flow Builder” AKA “Flow” is the way to go and you can almost do everything with it except sending outbound messages.

Flow Blog Series

We are going to dig deeper into Flows because this is the most innovative automation tool in the last couple of years. There are rumors saying that Flow will be soon the ONLY tool that a functional Admin uses to create Salesforce automation. Flow is adopting features from other Salesforce automation tools left, right, and center. It can be used to build code-like logic without the requirement of knowing a programming language. 

In this blog series we will show you more on the way to go with Flow.

5 types of flow, which one to use?

Flow is an application inside Salesforce to automate complex business processes. Simply put, they collect data and then do something with that data. 

There are 5 flow implementation types you can choose from, but no stress! In the coming blogs you will find out which one you can use best in what scenario.

Flow Blog Series 01: Screen Flows 

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Flow Blog Series 03: Record-Triggered Flow

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Flow Blog Series 05: Platform Event-Triggered Flow

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