Digital Sales Enablement

Become an Ace in selling. From complex B2B sales processes to high volume consumer sales, conversion is what it’s all about. Sales reps can only thrive in a digital world if their tools and content equip them to sell more effectively.

Align your Sales enablement with your Marketing automation to unlock your organization’s conversion power.

What is Digital Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing your company’s
sales team with the resources they need to be successful. Common sales enablement resources include tools, automation, content, and information that prepares your reps to close new business. While sales enablement is still picking up traction for many companies, the returns of investing in sales enablement are in your favor. Over 75% of companies that implement sales enablement strategies see an increase in sales between 6% to 20%.

The 2ManyDigits Digital Sales Enablement Maturity Model depicts the movement of a sales team and its tooling through several levels of maturity. Starting with a state of “ad hoc” selling and eventually assuming a state where your sales team can and will sell like an ace with predictable performance, accurate forecasting and spot on insights. Each one of these growth and maturity stages is represented by certain attributes.

Key drivers:


Will add value to:

1. Offering the right product at the
right time
2. Sales conversion


Will add value to:

1. Focus on sales goals
2. Shorter sales cycles


Will add value to:

1. Speed of execution
2. Predicable forecasting

Digital Sales Enablement Maturity Model

In Ad Hoc Sales, leadership has no perceived need for sales enablement. No defined, evaluated or implemented Sales Enablement functions, applications or processes. No CRM, Marketing Automation, Knowledge Management or other Sales Enablement application in place. Sales reps capture leads in Excel and use their own systems and technology to support their sales efforts. Sales is collateral and not shared.

Mature your Digital Sales Enablement using the following model and get your organization on track of becoming an Ace in Selling, or what we call selling like a boss.


> Use lead object
> Use opportunity object
> Use standard reports
> Online presence
> Web-to-lead



> Campaigns
> Lead qualification
> Lead scoring
> Path ‘guiding for success’
> Automated lead to opportunity conversion
> Forecasting
> Elaborate KPI reporting and dashboarding
> Messaging
> Customer 360
> Online selling



> Lead generation
> Lead nurturing
> Personalized campaigns
> Lead tracking
> Marketing automation
> Customer journeys
> BI insights & analytics
> Knowlegde base
> Online marketplace


> AI lead & opportunity
> scoring
> Activity capture
> Automated contacts
> Big data
> AI powered BI insights &
> analytics
> Predictive selling
> Customer life cycle
> management
> Online community

Maturity level

In your Customer Relationship Management, engagement is key and Salesforce your solution.