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The fun and exciting journey to become a Customer Driven Company

Nowadays customers are more informed than ever before. Because they are able to find expert information anywhere on the internet. They are also used to start questions via different channels (Social, WhatsApp, Phone or Email). Did you know that 75% of the younger generation rather loses the ability to talk versus text and what the expected response time is per channel?

For example, over 80% of customers expect a response within 24 hours on email channel. So the engagement starts with knowing your customer.

But the main question is: how is your company performing when you look at these Customer Expectations. How do you get your company to drive and exceed these expectations. How can we let everybody in your company work together around the customer?

These are the typical questions we answer and solve…. quick and in a fun way! Don’t make the software work, but make the software work for you.

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Think big, start small with our 5-day-quick-implementation.
Or define your own number of sprints to burn down your backlog.


Get on-demand Salesforce support to empower your customer platform. Keep on moving forward, one enhancement at a time.


Boost user adoption with tailored training for your team or develop your in-house admin skills with a Salesforce Administrator training.


A Salesforce team moves with questions from the market and innovations in technology. We help your team to always keep innovating.