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You have made your choice, CICD is the future. Just choose a tool and start delivering continuously, right?? 

Well.. let’s take a step back. Congratulations on your choice, CICD is the future of Salesforce development. It does however have some requirements on your metadata.

Configuration ready?

In preparation for CICD you should check your current configuration, although it is working as expected this does not mean it is CICD ready. For this purpose it should be possible to deploy your set of metadata to a new scratch org. Which can be used for development or automated testing in pipelines.

Data Ready?

Some obvious things regard data, which is not available in those new scratch orgs. So remove all references based on Id’s to record types, queues etc. They should not be there based on best practices, but real life seems to differ often. Restructure references to users, those are available in sandboxes but are not in scratch orgs.  

Any gaps left?

Check if you use some of the small gaps still existing in metadata coverage and implement a work around if this is the case. A gap? Should we even switch then? Yes you should, the coverage is the best of all options available, better than for instance change sets. 

Apex tests ready?

Next up, your apex tests, they should be fast. You want your pipelines to be fast and you want to do cheap checks early and often. So invest in making it possible to do those checks.

Let’s get it started!

This is clearly no exhaustive list, so start your CICD implementation by analyzing your current metadata. We always include a CICD oriented Health Check in our CICD offers.

CICD Blog Series

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