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CICD is Rising

CICD has been around for ages, well not really, but definitely for many years. So why are we seeing a big rise in anything concerning CICD around Salesforce? The number of blogs around Salesforce CICD and the number of built to purpose solutions is rising. The Salesforce Developer Experience (DX), announced in 2016, has been growing and maturing providing the needed foundation to start working version control based.

Principles, pipelines and production

While Salesforce always had your production org as the source of truth this does not align well with CICD principles and although pipelines could be achieved using ANT and the metadata API it was difficult to get a continuous flow from development to production. 

So, there was no new rise of problems over the last few years, instead, tools got better to provide solutions to ever existing challenges. Salesforce not only moved to industry standards on the technology side, check out the differences between Aura and LWC, but also on the experience and tooling side.

Opening up

The process of creating Salesforce functionality by either clicks or code can now mimic any traditional software development process and by being version control based some major challenges are solved by industry standards. Merging changes by different teams are no Salesforce issues, they are universal issues for which the universal solutions were hard to apply to Salesforce development. It opened up the world of standard tools already available for CICD.

There is no finishline

The possibilities are endless, start with testing and delivering changes, but be innovative, incorporate tools for better adoption, increase team happiness, just build a better product. We see the development and delivery process as one of the bigger parts of a successful Salesforce utilization.

CICD Blog Series

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