UI Testing in Provar

UI testing is used to test wether the user can see and do the right things at the right place in the user interface. And you can easily configure these tests with the Provar test automation tool. You wonder how? We’ll show you.

Why UI?

Why UI testing when the faster API tests already checked the business logic? That is because you want to make sure the user can access the right pages and click the buttons he or she needs.

The Possibilities

In Provar, you can create UI tests very easily. Just open Salesforce with the Provar test builder, and right click the button, field, or whatever you want to add to your test, and select ‘Add to testcase’. These are a few possibilities of the UI testing in Provar:

UI Connect: Makes a connection to Salesforce.
UI On Screen: Navigates through Salesforce apps and pages. (Provar recognizes this automatically, so you won’t have to actively add this step to your testcase.)
UI With Row: Navigates through Salesforce table rows.
UI Action: Does an action in Salesforce, for example clicking a button.
UI Assert: Reads and checks for example the value of a certain field.

The Scenario

Before we start clicking around in Salesforce, we need to know what we want to test. Let’s take the example of creating a Case. You might have different case recordtypes, and your users need to be able to select a recordtype, fill in the mandatory data and save the Case afterwards.

The Plan

To be able to execute the scenario, we need to record it in Provar. And this should be our plan.

1. Click the New Case button
2. Select recordtype with value ‘question’
3. Select account ‘Test Account’
4. Set the subject to ‘provartesting’
5. Set the status to ‘In Progress’
6. Click the Save button

The Testcase

You’ve got a scenario and a plan, now you just have to open the Provar Test Builder, rightclick every button, row or field an add it to your testcase. It’s that simple!

This is what your testcase looks like in the Provar interface after you finished the steps.

More Testing

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