4 Reasons to automate tests with Provar!

We all know testing Salesforce is important. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Let a test automation tool do the work. We’ve listed four reasons why you should use Provar to automate testcases.


Deliver Faster

Automated tests are quicker to execute compared to manual testing. This shortens the testing cycle. That is why you can deliver new functionality quicker. Also the test professional of your team won’t have to execute the same testcases again and again just before delivery, but can focus on creating high quality tests.


Environment Switching

Both UI and API tests can be executed on different environments, without having to adjust the testcase. Using automated tests in both testing and acceptance environments makes it possible to find potential bugs early in the process.


Provar knows Salesforce

Because Provar knows Salesforce, it is very easy to create a testcase in it. Just open your testbuilder and click Add, you don’t need any knowledge about code or something like that. All of these testcases won’t fail because of Salesforce releases, Provar will take care of that.


Provar is not limited to Salesforce

This is especially great when you want to include integrations in your tests. Any web-based application can easily be tested using Provar.

Official Partner

These are only four reasons why we are so enthousiastic about Provar, there are so much more! That is why we became an official Provar partner.

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