Crewmember of the month:

Hi, I’m Johannes, and I work as an agile product owner and software developer. I’m also the founder of the Salesforce data-import tool ‘SmartUpload’. I started coding when I was 12, and although I’ve spent several years managing teams of developers, I recently returned to my ‘old love’ of software development. For me, nothing beats the feeling you get after writing a really beautiful piece of code that solves a problem. 

Why did you join 2ManyDigits? 

When I first met with the 2ManyDigits crew, we had an instant click: the same passion for great technology, combined with having fun. This means focusing on stuff you are both good at and enjoy: and for me this is definitely working on the technical stuff. By joining 2ManyDigits, I get to work with great people with the same mindset, knowing that our combined skills can really make the difference. 

What does a typical day look like? 

I’m not much of a morning person, but I do try to get up early to start the day with a 30-minute workout on our spinning bike. On office days, it’s only a 15-minute bike ride from our house in Utrecht to the beautiful office at WTC. There I spend most of my day with coding, discussing architecture and technical solutions with Davy and sometimes giving demo’s of our apps to new potential customers. Or writing blog posts like this one :-). 

What’s your fuel? 

Great coffee, artisan beers and every now and then a good single malt. On office days, I love going to the Oudegracht in Utrecht to get the famous ‘Broodje Mario’ for lunch. 

How do you relax? 

On holidays, I love to take out my racing bike to cycle up a mountain, preferably in Italy or France. Combine this with an afternoon chilling at the pool with a nice cold beer and a very hard sudoku puzzle, and you have the perfect way to unwind. 

So what’s your guilty pleasure?

Watching a YouTube channel where people solve extremely hard sudoku variants. It sounds incredibly dull, I know, but it’s actually great fun.

Tell us about your current Spotify playlist

Currently a mix of really everything: jazz, electronic, classical. For relaxing, I recommend Michiel Borstlap, but when I need to get energized: Mutemath.

Which book did you recently read that you can recommend?

Clive Thompson – Coders: Who They Are,
What They Think and How
They Are Changing Our World.

This book gives a great insight in how the mind of a coder works, so reading it gives you a constant “yes, exactly that!” sensation.

Any final thoughts? 

For me (as it is for most), life is about more than making money and having fun. As a former board member of a local charity organization, I find it important to have an eye for those who are less fortunate. Especially in these COVID times, many people in Utrecht are struggling. This again proved to be a great match with 2ManyDigits, as they joined the ‘Pledge 1%’ and we’ll be spending a day as a team on a social project in Utrecht this spring. This is a great confirmation for me that I joined the right crew! 

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