Passwords are like underwear

Change them regularly, don’t leave them where people can see and never share them.


Salesforce just launched their Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for all users of the platform. A great step forward towards robust security. Unfortunately MFA won’t solve all online security threats we are facing today. Phishing attacks for instance will persist because they work! Social scams will ad more creativity in there efforts to con people into coughing up bank account info, network credentials and other sensitive data. And don’t forget about malware that gather information about computer users without permission.

Although we all know what the risks are we @2manydigits are still human, after all, and therefore susceptible to making mistakes. That is why we intensify our security measures. We have started a continuous security awareness program to make our crew members aware of the treats we are facing every day. This will not only benefit our own organization but also that of our clients. We have appointed a security officer who will coordinate and build on maximum security awareness without loosing agility and focus for the innovation initiatives we are enabling.

Think before you click and stay safe!


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