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Digital Sales Enablement for Food Connect

What Food Connect says about themselves
We delivery fresh meals at home. By offering unique meal concepts, such as tailor-made fresh food, where customers can compose the meal themselves from a wide range of single and multi-person dishes, freshly frozen meals and groceries, we became an important player in the food market. Keeping up with the trends, staying ahead of new developments and keeping personal contact with our customers at all times are of paramount importance to us.

Digital Sales Enablement

We initiated the project “Lead to Contract” to gain more insight into which prospects are in the sales pipeline and for which value, making our forecast transparant and predictable. 2ManyDigits provided a clear implementation plan that helped us define project phases and costs.

During the development phase we collaborated to implement and optimize our sales processes. 2ManyDigits informed us weekly about the progress, realization and planning. The project was delivered in accordance with the schedule, and followed by user- and admin training. Our objective fully realized within the project planning and agreed budget.

Food Connect is very satisfied with the result!

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