Teijin x 2ManyDigits

Teijin Aramid is the world’s number one aramid producer, providing the best man-made high-performance fibers, breaking records and driving progress in 74 countries.
They have been using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement for their CRM and Marketing needs for several years now.


Last year, 2ManyDigits teamed up with Teijin Aramid to improve, expand and revitalize their Salesforce use and environment. Together, 2MD and Teijin have collaborated successfully to digitize, optimize and improve several new and existing processes in Salesforce.

Health Check

Following the 2MD Health Check guidelines, a conscious effort has been made to successfully standardize, future-proof and clean up the existing Salesforce implementation. This has allowed us to boost productivity and reliability and improve the user experience.

Agile working

At the same time, Teijin Aramid, with the help of 2ManyDigits, has been adopting a more agile way of working. The Salesforce team is now an example for the agile transition within Teijin and we are working hard to keep improving further and establish CI/CD capabilities and evolve the roadmap.

After the rewarding collaboration this past first year of joint effort, we are looking forward to the exciting challenges and successes to come!