Renewi & 2ManyDigits

Renewi and 2ManyDigits expanding partnership in long-term agreement.

Two years ago Renewi and 2Manydigits joined forces for the Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning Migration. It was the first real agile project within the company and turned out to be a great success. In following years Renewi and 2ManyDigits worked together to enable the digital transformation and boosting their mutual trust collaborating as efficiently as possible and tackling problems with a solution-oriented mindset.

Meanwhile Renewi embraced the Agile way of working and is now scaling their Agile initiatives in an Agile Release Train. Together with 2MD they built a high-performance agile Salesforce DevOps Team with CI/CD capabilities and a mature roadmap. This resulted in improved collaboration, software quality, increased productivity, and boosted performance. 2MD’s preferred supplier status – a reward for the past achievements – lays the foundation for a future successful collaboration.

It’s a big and exciting step for us, and we’re really looking forward to the opportunities this new phase will bring!