ARAG & 2ManyDigits

ARAG is one of the biggest players in the legal market and provides insurance for legal counsel. They strive to help their clients in the best way possible.

We are very pleased and happy to have been working with ARAG for the last year on implementing Salesforce in the organization. Their people-first approach is just like we would want to see it.

We had a chat with Richard Bergmans, product owner, and Hilbert de Graaf, IT manager.

Can you tell us about your goals? 

R: “Our main focus is to optimize the process for our employees, so it becomes effortless and sensible. We also want to fully understand productivity and the 360-degree customer relationship, so workflows can be as efficient as possible.”

H: “Our goal is also to digitalize and automate processes of claims and policies throughout the organization and to integrate with external sources. For example, automating the process of a claim coverage assessment and assigning a lawyer to a claim.”

“It is really a co-creative team effort; you feel part of this team.” 

How does Salesforce help you? 

H: “Well, digitalizing in the legal sector is quite difficult because of complex external systems. We banned the fax this February! So it’s about redesigning processes and creating better ones. Not just digitalizing existing processes, but also integrating external sources. Salesforce helps us to implement optimized processes within our own organization and that of our external partners.”

R: “I believe user adoption is critical. Our service employees use Salesforce and M-Files. So we made a roadmap that focuses on user adoption. This is followed by further integration and automation with a planned web-to-case scenario in the future.
And all service tasks can be done in one location within Salesforce. Mail, confirmations, policy information and claim processes. This makes costumer relations easier and tasks less repetitive.”

Richard, how does your team realize the Salesforce roadmap? 

R: “Thanks to end-user input and an agile workflow, we can focus on high-priority user stories. We went through the process of gathering feedback, analyzing and refinement, ideation of solutions and finally prioritizing feature by feature. Scrum is new to ARAG, but with the in-house development of 2MD and Agile support, we’re learning quite fast!”

Hilbert, what was the main challenge during your process? 

H: “Our main challenge was changing our daily operational processes with Salesforce. This included adoption by our employees, aligning end-user behavior, and integrating new systems. We also really want to process and use the feedback we get from our employees. When you change something, it’ll create resistance and I believe this should always be managed correctly.”

And how did 2ManyDigits help? 

H: “2MD helps by ensuring user adoption by close collaboration with end-users and the product owner. They have specialists for several development tasks.”

R: “A can-do mentality. Which is a great contrast to former external parties. For example, questioning the assignment to offer the best solution, setting up a productive agile team and thinking in the future. Their solution architecture is based on analysis and product owner support. It really is a co-creative team effort; you feel part of this team.”