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Configuration tips and tricks

Welcome in the brand new blog where we will show you the best practices in the Salesforce environment. This time we will show you two configuration tips to let your admins/consultants work more effective. Let’s do this!


Install the Salesforce Lightning Inspector.

Salesforce Inspector?

Yes! It’s an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Salesforce Inspector is a tool which enables us to easily view field details, import and export operations from record detail page in Salesforce.

You can download the Salesforce Inspector plugin here: Salesforce Inspector plugin

Manage Quick Data Changes

This video shows how to manage quick data changes with the Inspector.

Fast User Switching

Next to that, you also can use the functionality to log in as another user by filling in the name of the user below the users tab. With that, you can work so much quicker!  
Note that you need to have the right profile/permission set and not the professional edition. 

Easy insights

Last but not at least, you can have an insight in the org limits, which is pretty cool because you will get a nice overview. 

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