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Configuration tips and tricks

Sharing is caring in the Salesforce environment! In this second serie we will share some useful tips and tricks for you. Use these and you will be rocking your configuration work again and you will impress all stakeholders. Everybody will be happy!


Make a field that will be read only if a certain criteria is met.

How can we do this?

First, you need to create an extra recordtype and assign it to a new page layout where the fields are read only on the page layout. And beware, because this is what our next tip is about!


Use a flow in order to switch to the new recordtype showing the assigned page layout!

Why should we do this?

Let’s explain the reason behind this trick. As a requirement, a company needs to maintain different kind of permissions regarding the showing fields depending on a certain criteria. A requirement can be for example that they want to make fields read only when the scenario type is digital!

Example time

Check this example on how to create a flow with a dependent field.

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