Increase NPS with Service Cloud Chatbots

Set your goals
Do you want a nice chatbot on your website? With the Salesforce Service Cloud the technical implementation is a piece of cake. What we are most curious about are the business drivers behind this technology.

We have often seen sexy chatbots that nicely answer the questions of the customer and, if the customer needs assistance from a service agent, they are elegantly directed to the service agent that takes over the chat.  The real challenge is to ensure that you contribute to the most important business objectives:

  • Reduce the number of phone calls.
  • Increase the overall NPS score.
  • Reduce average handling time (AHT) for the cases that need personal attention.

Team Up
To achieve these goals, it is imperative that the implementation of a chatbot in your service organization is not only carried out by the IT-department. An impactful change is determined by the collaboration between your service center, the team that manages your website and the Salesforce team. To start with it is your website that directs the visitors to the chatbot, so it needs to be enabled on the correct pages. The next step could be to have your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system mention the chatbot support on your website for certain topics. From that moment the chat channel and the chatbot will really become a serious channel.

Learn & Improve
Once your chatbot is up and running, step into the continuous process of improvement. This means that you and the chat agents must constantly monitor and adjust the chatbot conversations. 

In addition, Salesforce Einstein always makes suggestions about how chat conversations end up in the right dialogues. Make sure that you address these suggestions so that the chatbot gets a little better every day and has an increasing effect on the number of calls and the NPS score.

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