Prevent waste with automated testing

To avoid creating bugs in your software it is clearly important to perform regression tests on a regular basis. If you have worked in a DevOps team you probably already know this. But let’s be honest, who likes to manually execute the same test scripts every sprint?

Automated testing
Automating these test scripts ensures that your DevOps team focusses on the things that add maximum business value to your end product. So make this an integral part of your development process. The earlier you perform these automatic tests in your development process, the smaller the chance of rework.

So doing this right means:
You’re quickly aware of the quality of your new software.
You can make quick adjustments (and save time and money).
And the best thing is that you don’t have to perform recurring manual tests (but still count on a solid quality assurance framework of your Salesforce environment).

Continuous Integration and Development (CI / CD)
If you adopt the 2ManyDigits Continuous Improvement Framework, you continuously develop and release your software. Of course, you can only do this in an optimal way if you automate your regression-, integration- and acceptance testing. The end-to-end process of developing, testing, and releasing Salesforce software can be complex and at times overwhelming. It is difficult for companies to have a clear picture on where they are and where they want to be.

To pinpoint this, we have developed a CI/CD maturity model that we use to provide our customers the right support:

About 2ManyDigits
We believe automated testing is important for both large and small projects. For this reason it is a standard part of our development life cycle. Whether we start a new implementation or improve an existing Salesforce environment, a solid regression test is always the starting point for a healthy and high quality development. Do you also see the value of test automation and CI/CD and would like to discuss this? Ask for our ‘DevOps as a Service’ solution. For more information, see SalesforceDX CI/CD.

Finally, we are an official Provar partner for automatic no-code Salesforce testing:

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