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Configuration tips and tricks

Everyone is getting better when we just share our knowledge together. Because that is the way to get the most out of Salesforce! That’s why we present this blog series to you where we will share some useful tips and tricks. Use these and you will be rocking your configuration work!

First trick for you is about lead conversion.


Use a flow to prevent a lead converting to a specific recordtype that can be selected on the lead conversion page.

Why should we do this?

So you might be wondering why the trick is useful, let’s explain that. Let’s say you are using person accounts and 2 more recordtypes besides the person account recordtype. In that case it depends on the lead data to what kind of recordtype you can convert to.

It is known that when you have person accounts enabled in your org, the company name on the lead object is not mandatory anymore. If a lead doesn’t have a company filled in and the lead is ready for conversion, then you’ll always convert to a person account recordtype.

But if you do fill in the company name on the lead object and you are good to go for conversion, then you’ll have to choose what kind of recordtype you want to convert to.

What if you don’t want to allow the user to convert the lead to a specific recordtype?

What can be done?

What you can do is the following to choose a default, here comes the steps 😉

Step 1: Be ready to use a flow, because that is the way to go!
Step 2: Have it clear, what criteria you need to use to achieve this.

Example time

Check this example on how to select a default recordtype when converting the leads.

Extra Tips

In the example you can see the get record elements. Choose the ‘store only the first record and automatically store all fields’ for these two.

Make sure before you use an update element, that you have created a checkbox field on the lead object with a default value checked. And do the same on the account object, but with a default value unchecked. Last but not least, take care that these fields are mapped in the fieldmapping on the lead object! You can use these checkboxes as a trigger, otherwise it will update all accounts with the account recordtype “Property” into the account recordtype “Company” when a lead is converted. By mapping the checkboxes to each other, it only updates one record.

Configuration Blog Series

Within Salesforce, as a standard functionality, nowadays there is no way to disable/hide or let the user not choose a specific account recordtype on the lead conversion page (here we don’t talk about the person account recordtype). So this is a good trick if your company has this requirement!

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