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I am Peter Jouvenaar. In 2010, after fulfilling various roles in ICT, I began my career in the Salesforce ecosystem. From consultancy to development, I have done it all.

I live in Rijswijk with my wife and 22-year-old son. We reside in the old city center in a house built in the 1920s. That means a lot of maintenance, so it’s a good thing I like to “Do It Yourself.”

Why did you join 2ManyDigits? 

Having worked at another Salesforce partner, I was looking for something new. 2ManyDigits drew my attention with its own and humorous approach—an approach that I experience as “Professional without taking oneself too seriously.” Furthermore, I was attracted by the clear vision, portfolio, and high ambitions.

What does a typical day look like? 

On a typical day, I wake up at 6:30. It takes about two coffees to open my eyes. After a small breakfast, I hit the shower and drive to Utrecht. After parking the car, I take the bus to the office. I return home around 18:30. If I’m lucky, we have dinner together, always prepared for me. Most of the time, I take a walk afterward. Tired but satisfied, I watch some television or read.

What’s your fuel? 

I enjoy building cool things with Salesforce! Especially learning and applying new technology that initially seems difficult. It is very rewarding when the end result works like a charm. For example, I developed an AppExchange app that integrates with ChatGPT. With the app, users can ask all kinds of questions about a record and its relations just with Salesforce Flow.

How do you relax? 

To relax, I like to hike. I try to walk for an hour per day, although that is not always possible. Last year, I got my diving certification. It’s certainly relaxing, especially in tropical places. Furthermore, I enjoy going to dance festivals.

So what’s your guilty pleasure?

Wearing my ‘Sexloze UGGS sloffen’ 🙂

Tell us about your current Spotify playlist

What I like most is good old Trance music. Tiesto is my favorite, followed by Armin van Buuren. For a more relaxing mood, I listen to Nora en Pure.

Which book did you recently read that you can recommend?

Not really. Unfortunately, I do not have the patience to read a book, so the last one I read was when attending high school.

Any final thoughts? 

Happy to be part of Your Salesforce Crew!

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