Crewmember of the month:

Hi my name is Ismaël. I’m a Salesforce developer at 2ManyDigits. I’m a big believer in flexibility: I don’t want to be tied down by one set of rules or boundaries when it comes to what I can do with Salesforce. I love how Salesforce has made it easy for us to build something new and different, and I’m always excited to think up new ways to utilize the platform. I am also a father of 2 sons, co-parent, full-time dreamer and passionate about arts and science. I have always loved working with computers, especially how to use computers to ‘massage’ data and digital content.

Why did you join 2ManyDigits? 

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”
– Booker T. Washington

This statement impeccably symbolizes the great individuals at 2ManyDigits. After successfully completing five months of extensive salesforce training and earning multiple certifications, I transitioned from Desktop Publisher to Salesforce Developer and had the opportunity to join this great company.

What does a typical day look like? 

I usually get up at 6.15 in the morning. Then it’s breakfast for me and the kids and me listening to their conversations over or about Fortnite, then I drop the youngest off at school! After a 30 minute workout (depending on the weather of course) shooting hoops while listening to wonky off beat instrumental hip hop or a podcast (conversation about finance, culture, technology or science), at 9 it’s time to work and make our clients very happy!

What’s your fuel? 

I’m driven by jazz, LoFi hip-hop, chocolate and tortilla chips.

How do you relax? 

I play FIFA (playstation).

So what’s your guilty pleasure?

Eating a whole bar of Tony Chocolonely Caramel Zeezout (alone) or Binge Watching cheesy old series like “Law & Order”.

Tell us about your current Spotify playlist

I do not have a Spotify playlist, but you can find my music on Spotify and add it to your playlist! My artist name is Noam Kamal.

Which book did you recently read that you can recommend?

Aké by Wole Soyinka, is an autobiography that focuses on accounts of his childhood in Nigeria. Really fun read! I’ve read it to my kids as a bedtime story.

Any final thoughts? 

As a developer I’m interested in technology (web/mobile), but also reading business related books, watching inspirational videos, tutorials and documentaries. As an artist I’m interested in using simplicity and creativity to try to solve complex problems. As a human I’m interested in all the above but also like to play basketball, love sports in general and listening to good music/podcasts.

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