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Hi, my name is Eef van der Meer, Salesforce Test Consultant at 2ManyDigits.

So far I’ve worked in the arts + tech + education combination. Started as a musician to sound engineer to set/stage-design to automate my installations to educate kids in tech like coding or electronics (known as maker-tech) in schools, festivals, FabLabs and Nemo Science Museum.

After the abrupt stop of all my activities at the start of the pandemic, I signed up for a crash-course with Salesforce and was soon triggered by the idea of testing Salesforce. As I’m used to hack machines and rework that in something I could use for my art, it was a logic step in my new career in IT. Now I can start to test with Provar in Salesforce, and I’m still as excited as a kid. I’m so happy to find 2ManyDigits likes this to!

Why did you join 2ManyDigits? 

2ManyDigits is in sync with my motto: Keep playing, keep learning. That’s beside the fact they are great characters who really care for Salesforce, their company, their customers and each other on a next level. So I feel very much in place and blessed with the surrounding of good people and great opportunities and challenges on our path.

What does a typical day look like? 

After a long walk with my dog, I tune in online or at the office. Dip in Provar University, follow a trail and run a test on my org, add the test to the automation suite. Pretty exiting so far, can’t wait for the real challenges. If there is time to spend, I pick a badge to gain in Salesforce.

What’s your fuel? 

The idea and feeling that we can make a difference for many people with some digits.

How do you relax? 

Having fun with my dog in the woods, throwing sticks into the impossible bushes to search. He grins when he finds it (me too).
And watching movies in the cinema.

So what’s your guilty pleasure?

Hack some physical stuff in my workspace and rework it to something more usefull 🙂 like furniture (that moves maybe).
This gives me the energy to support users with good functioning software.

Tell us about your current Spotify playlist

Oké, I mainly listen to strange podcasts like the ‘Darknet Diaries’, but the music I like: Macy Gray’s kind of grooving rock/funk, Funk & Soul classics like Sharon Jones, French chansons like Zaz, Film scores like Amelie and the typical Dutchie scores as in the Van Warmerdam family productions. But you can also listen to my own home made podcast like the ‘Noorderlingenpodcast’.

Which book did you recently read that you can recommend?

Well I want to order ‘Hackable’ by Ted Harrington for all my teammates. I’m very much into ‘how-to’ books, I collect very old ones. I prefer to read novels backwards, to give it a bit more suspension.

Any final thoughts? 

Lovely pair of Nikes and me are eager to go test Salesforce orgs.

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