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Nike’s iconic innovation that put them on the map.

In the 50s and 60s Bill Bowerman, Nike co-founder and famous innovator, was on a quest to invent better running shoes, Nike’s that were lighter, well-cushioned and had better traction. He experimented with several ideas on spike placement and sought advice from technical experts but his breakthrough came in 1970 during breakfast. While enjoying his early morning waffle, Bowerman watched the syrup drip over the waffle pattern and got fascinated. Several materials, a completely ruined waffle maker and a US Olympic track and field trail later Nike’s Waffle Trainer officially debuted in 1974 and became a hit with both elite athletes and everyday runners.

Though the originals are not made anymore, the reverse waffle-patterned sole’s influence can definitely still be found and Nike remains fiercely defendant of their Waffle trademark.

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