Gold Gold Gold 

We are now officially a Salesforce Crest Consulting partner!

How does the Partner system work? 

The Salesforce consulting partner ecosystem consists of 4 levels. Achieving a higher level can be done by scoring a certain level of consulting partner points. The better you are in customer success, innovation, growth, or lead, the higher your score will be.  

How did we achieve it? 

2020 – The start of 2ManyDigits also meant the start of our Salesforce partnership. Because like Salesforce, we also value customer success, we go for innovation, our business is growing and growing, and we are in the lead.

2021 – All our work paid off last year when we reached the Ridge level, which feels like Silver.  

2022 – But we wouldn’t be 2ManyDigits if we didn’t aim for Gold! And here we are, celebrating the Crest Salesforce Partner level. We’re super proud to be able to work with so many awesome customers and to work on cool projects with our amazing 2ManyDigits Crew members.   

How do we celebrate? 

Just watch this video, it says it all… 

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