A new brand identity aimed for the future

2ManyDigits is an independent agency, founded two years ago by Mischa, Dave, Davy and myself, Iwan. We had worked together several times and discovered that we share more than love for the latest Nike-sneakers: we’re all eager to help companies get the most out of Salesforce and we all approach technology as a means, not an end. We focus on your organization and employees. We make technology work with your people, for your ambitions. Often people call it DevOps, to us it’s just common sense.

As our strengths and beliefs became clearer, so did our ambitions: a good starting point for a future-proof brand identity. With the help of Studio Mark Kuiper we re-shaped our style to better suit our DNA. The result has personality, translates the values we truly live by and shows the world what sets us apart from the competition. We feel that creating your own brandidentity is an important step towards growth for every entrepreneur.
As Mark puts it: ‘2ManyDigits has a superenergetic, fun personality with an authentic urge to create human-centered IT-solutions that really help businesses grow. Let’s show it to the world’.

The visual style looks bold: nice firm letterforms with subtle details, contrasting colors and quirky illustrations. This suits the way we like to work. we’re not looking for answers but the questions that lead towards the answers. We focus on true partnership. We work with the best people for the best people. We’re not into overhead but pursue personal contact. We love (love!!) complex strategic tasks that create impact.

Our identity is translated into our new logo, the math symbol for ‘not equal to’. For us it means: innovation, development, making a difference, challenging the status quo, there is no finish line, not a day is the same, every company is unique, every client is unique, every client-experience is unique.

Based on our core-values, vision and focus on the future, our new brand identity gives us the means to communicate firm and outspoken: we work with you, for your clients and we’re more than happy to challenge how you approach your customer. But always with your ambitions in mind.

We are 2ManyDigits – Your Salesforce Crew


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