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Don’t Count on Luck: trust and safety always come first

We believe personal approach is crucial.
Consumers want direct access to the organizations that manage their money and assurance. However, customer service at a counter is a thing of the past. Through the right CRM strategy, your customers experience a 1-to-1 relationship with your organization.

We help you manage that relationship

Understanding your customer provides insight into what your organization needs

An implementation of Salesforce is customized and we start with the basics:

Your content and goals

What is your vision for the future? What role can a CRM play in your vision, and what do you already have in-house?

Your customer first

With customer journeys we map out their process, and your relevance in that process, to your customer.

What is your ideal CRM setup

Which Salesforce technique do you need? More importantly, what do your employees need to get the job done?

2ManyDigits your strategic Salesforce partner since 2019

We are eager to help you get the most out of Salesforce

We always ask the question: “How do we make our customer’s customer satisfied?” Our team consists of certified Salesforce professionals and we focus on all aspects of CRM—from marketing, to internal communication, to technical implementation.

Basic principles for good CRM

No situation is the same, but the foundation remains constant:

People first

Technology is a means, not an end. That is why we focus on your organization and employees. What do they need to better serve your customers? Creating this support makes your work more enjoyable.

The best technique

Over the years we have discovered that Salesforce is simply the best CRM system: flexible, innovative, robust and worldwide leader in CRM software.

Broad network

Our network provides your organization with knowledge in the form of temporary employees, new employees or inspiring workshops of the “Sales Force gurus”.

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