Jan van As x 2ManyDigits

Versevishandel Jan van As, established in Amsterdam since 1949, is known for its high-quality fish and shellfish. As one of the largest suppliers in the Netherlands, the company is committed to sustainability and innovation. Under the leadership of Jan Gerard de Graaf, Commercial Director since 2023, Jan van As is now also focusing on strengthening its sales strategies, with specific goals such as improving efficiency and customer satisfaction through the implementation of Salesforce as a CRM solution. This step underscores Jan van As’ ambition for growth and operational excellence, building on their tradition of quality and service.

The Role of 2ManyDigits

2ManyDigits, with a proven track record in implementing Salesforce solutions, was chosen as the partner to lead this transformation. Our goal was to create a system through Salesforce that would not only improve internal processes but also provide a 360-degree view of the customer, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

The Approach

The Approach Within a tight timeframe of 4 weeks, we adopted a phased implementation approach. The kickoff session allowed us to understand the specific needs of Jan van As and to translate them into a detailed roadmap. The collaboration was intensive, with Jan van As involved in every step of the process, from defining user stories to accepting delivered functionalities.


  • Salesforce Basic Configuration: A fully configured Salesforce platform tailored to the unique requirements of Jan van As, including integrated email and calendar functions with Outlook.
  • Sales Cloud CRM: A solid foundation for managing leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities, all within the Salesforce platform.
  • Efficiency Increase & Information Centralization: With the new system, information is easily accessible, leading to time savings and increased productivity.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Operational Excellence: By creating a 360-degree customer view and facilitating seamless internal collaboration, Jan van As was able to elevate their customer service to a higher level.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Jan van As employees are now better equipped and can focus more on value creation for customers.

Jan van As’ Experience

Jan Gerard de Graaf, Commercial Director at Jan van As, emphasizes the positive impact of the Salesforce implementation: “The collaboration with 2ManyDigits was invaluable. Their expertise, combined with a hands-on approach, helped us achieve our goals. We are already seeing the benefits of the new system. We were able to realize the ROI in daily operations quickly! Additionally, this has also contributed to the satisfaction of our customers and employees.”