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Improved Digital Sales Flow

Global is an outdoor advertising operator in the Netherlands. It is one of the world’s leading Media & Entertainment groups. Outdoor advertising, also known as Out-of-Home, is the oldest mass medium in the world and is still growing. In addition to being the market leader in traditional forms of outdoor advertising, Global is also the largest provider of digital outdoor advertising (digital Out-of-Home). They have more than 125 shopping centers and more than 600 gas stations in their network, where they are fully digitizing and expanding their network. By advertising through the street, gas stations and in shopping centers, Global reaches everyone outside the home.

Salesforce as the CRM system

For a couple of years, they are using Salesforce as the CRM system for their businesses. In the last years, Exterion Media NL B.V. (Now Global) was facing challenges due to cooperating more with multiple third parties to run the company processes smoothly, so some business processes needed to be optimized.

Shock Six project

Shock Six was a project where multiple parties were involved. The project started at the beginning of 2021 and from the start the main goal was that the sales/order fulfillment flow within Exterion Media would be improved. It was a challenging project with ups and downs but in the end, we were able to launch the project successfully, so it was a huge success!

Media & Entertainment

Jeremy Noya, the digital IT manager from Global, looks back on successful cooperation with all the involved parties. We received some feedback after the project went GO-Live:

Our back-end wouldn’t allow specifics
“Before the GO-live of the Shock Six project we were facing some challenges. A slow sales process, entering the same data in different systems. All based on averages since our back-end wouldn’t allow specifics, we really wanted to be precise over all the unique characteristics like location, time of day, seasonality, and so on.”

The impact of Shock Six is massive
“Not only is the workflow more efficient, but we’ve also managed to manually enter data only once and populate this automatically in different databases and interfaces. Today it’s nearly impossible to make administrational mistakes and also our business enhancement improved a lot with the automated pricing and approval flow on our outgoing quotes.”

Salesforce will bring us a lot of benefits 
“For us, Salesforce is the perfect central system that connects to all our databases and workflows. Working from a single UI and connecting our back-end with Salesforce brought us, and will bring us a lot of benefits.”

“After the project was finished all the release issues were solved rapidly and we’re running smoothly.”

2ManyDigits always delivers
“Even more they’re adding the importance to everything I haven’t thought of. The level of understanding and the balanced variety of specialists is a big plus for 2manydigits. In a 6 months lasting big and impactful project (integrating multiple applications with Salesforce for a seamless sales process) I’ve had the luxury of not worrying about deliverance, testing procedures and clear communication- thanks to 2manydigits (especially Khoa and Davy).

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