Dynamic Lists for Account Engagement

All marketing automations start with a database and lists. Account Engagement (previously known as Pardot) uses two kinds of lists: Static and Dynamic. In this blog you can read all about Dynamic Lists and an easy trick to keep your lists clean!

Static vs Dynamic

Let’s start off with Static lists. They are pretty simple. This is the list we use when there is no reason to remove prospects. For example: every lead who has filled out a Contact Us form. The prospect matches the rule once and are added to the list.

Dynamic lists is where it gets really interesting. Prospects are automatically added an removed from this list based upon the rules you specify. Which makes them a great choice for building lists that change frequently.

But how do we match prospects?

When using multiple criteria, there are 2 Match Types: Match All and Match Any

Match All criteria is comparable to the AND function. The prospect will have to match ALL criteria to get on/off the list. An example: the prospect filled out the contact form AND is from The Netherlands. We will now get a list of all prospects who are in The Netherlands and filled out the contact form.

Match Any on the other hand is similar to the OR function. The prospect will have to match any criteria to be added or removed from the list. An example: OR the prospect filled out the contact form OR is from The Netherlands. This means that all prospects who filled out the contact form will be added to the list. But also all the prospects who are from The Netherlands. Even if they did not fill out the contact form!

Now that we have refreshed our memories, let’s see some great tips!

Use semicolons to put multiple values for one field

Wow! What? Yes. You can use semicolons to separate values, without having to create multiple rules.
For example: A list for prospects who are from The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

Instead of this: Match Type: Match All
Prospect Field: Country – equals – The Netherlands
Prospect Field: Country – equals – Germany
Prospect Field: Country – equals – Belgium

Use this: Match Type: be sure to use Match Any!
Prospect Field: Country – contains – The Netherlands; Germany; Belgium

Beware of the Marketing Fatigue

Account Engagement makes it so easy to create and send emails, but watch out! Every marketer knows that too many emails can be a disadvantage. This is also called Marketing Fatigue. Decide how many times and how often prospects get an email from your organization. This is also called Recency & Frequency.

This simple trick will ease your mind: Create a Dynamic List that will be used as a do-not-send list (aka suppression list) and use the criteria “Prospect has been emailed”. Your rule will look a little something like this:
Prospect has been emailed – at least -3 – times in the last – 5- days.

If your organization has Pardot Advanced or a Premium edition you can use the “Einstein Engagement Frequency” field. It comes with the values: On Target/ Undersaturated or Oversaturated. Einstein Engagement Frequency – Is – Oversaturated. Use this list as a suppression list, et voila!

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